Angry White Woman?

I think Hillary Clinton gave an incredible speech at the DNC. She really fired me up when she said:

And on that path to freedom, Harriett Tubman had one piece of advice:
If you hear the dogs, keep going.
If you see the torches in the woods, keep going.
If they’re shouting after you, keep going.
Don’t ever stop. Keep going.
If you want a taste of freedom, keep going!

She is a super great champion for women, she has been fearless and her impact is and will continue to be far-reaching. But I was really disturbed when I saw this interview of one of her supporters at the DNC, which aired yesterday before Hillary’s speech. I realize the campaign has raised a lot of debate about gender and race, but to what extent have women (and I think women have felt the need to “choose” more than men considering the female factor) had to negotiate the gender and/or race of their next president? It’s interesting what this woman says though, that “they” (white women of the women’s lib movement) were the ones fighting alongside Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement. So why are the women she represents so angry? Why have some chosen not to “keep going?” Hasn’t this race done a lot to challenge the social inequalities in the U.S. like gender and race which were key principles for both the women’s and civil rights movements? Are they suggesting that there is a hierarchy of equality i.e. gender equality first, then racial equality, then class, etc. (besides this woman’s arguement that Obama is racist and that he is unqualified)? Obviously these are not simple issues, but it is unbelievable that some are willing to forfeit their vote to someone who completely negates everything they claim to so boldly represent.


~ by misswretched on August 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Angry White Woman?”

  1. what are your thoughts on VP Republican Candidate Sarah Palin! What do u think she will do for the face of politics and feminism. She calls her self a feminist but a closer look reveals more… Within the last 72 hours unspeakable things have been said about her being a beauty queen, having a baby in her 40’s (there were rumors that the baby wasn’t hers” and she has been called a sexy librarian. Its been surprising to see Democrats reacting in extremely sexist ways towards her. What do u think this says about the politics of feminism? Where do u think she belongs… U should check this out.. I hate this guy but it is important to see how the ‘other’ side looks at it. I know this is a lot but i am just curious about your thoughts.

  2. It buggles my mind how some of these people (both men and women) fail to see the larger picture at hand. To me it really just sounds like sour grapes with a hint of racism attached for good measure. Why would you vote for someone who stands at a polar opposite to all that you believe in as a woman simply b/c the candidate that you favored lost. These are the same reasons why the democratic party continues to lose election after election.

  3. Chempchumba I’m sure you’ve already read tons on Sarah Palin but check out this blogger if you haven’t yet, I won’t comment on how qualified or unqualified she is, but from what I understand, she is not very pro-woman. Your point is well-taken though, there has been a lot of sexism coming out of the left, everyone seems to agree she is just a “hot hockey mom” and I have even heard people calling her a “MILF.” She is being bashed for being an attractive woman and described in sexually derogatory ways and that is not fair for any woman. So is McCain’s wife who’s been called a “bimbo.” Even if we disagree with their views, we should be careful of using their sexuality as a way of putting them down.

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