“Does Chris Breezy have to choke a bitch to get shit done around here?”chris-brown

I’ve been pretty disgusted with some of the responses regarding the Chris Brown – Rihanna drama. Most of the commentary has been pretty “funny” — see Bossip, Perez Hilton, TMZ, or any other celebrity gossip magazine of choice. I must admit some have made me laugh, and I find myself upset that this story has been met with so much humour. However, I’ve been mostly disgusted with the responses I have seen from men and women that seem to justify, condone and/or make light of any form of domestic violence.

I’m not even going to speculate what happened, who was wrong, who was right, whether anyone was provoked, who was drunk, who was not. Not that I would have any real evidence to do so. However, the issue of assault overrides everything in my opinion. Is violence a solution? The answer is no. Violence is never the answer, it will never be. It should never be. Not even an option. Violence against women is simply and absolutely not justifiable. Ever.

And I don’t believe the same kind of violence should be applied towards men either.

I am glad that one woman thought it fitting to write an article about this particular situation while raising some issues about the problem of domestic violence in Kenya. I will admit I know very little about the services available to prevent domestic violence or intervene where it occurs, or the legislation that protects women and girls from family violence. But it seems that the number of reported incidents has gone up within the last few years, services are poor, and there is not enough being done to alleviate the problem. It is actually a topic that I find quite depressing, knowing that our country is so deeply patriarchal and the culture of violence against women, physical and psychological, goes unquestioned 9 times out of 10.

What should we do? How can men and women who feel strongly about this increase the dialogue and bring change to our existing views about the role of violence against women? I for one will start by doing my research.



~ by misswretched on February 21, 2009.

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